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Can Two People Ride An Electric Scooter UK?

With the rise in the use of Electric Scooter UK and other personal mobility vehicles (VPM), it is necessary to make modifications to the current General Vehicle Regulations. In fact, it is in the processing phase to update it to the new modes of transport vehicles.

There is some confusion about whether there are two-seater electric scooters; therefore, we are going to review with you
Why is it forbidden to ride with more than one person on an adult electric scooter On the other hand, although it is a very practical means of transport and a great solution for emission-free urban mobility

you should bear in mind that in case of having an accident while driving with it, there is a high probability that you will suffer a fall. and you may injure yourself with serious injuries. Every time you travel on your electric scooter or segboards,

you are putting yourself in a vulnerable situation; especially when you are traveling at high speeds.

If you add a passenger to this already delicate situation, the risk of suffering an accident with significant damage increases considerably.

Therefore, in addition to being prohibited, it is very dangerous for two people to ride on the same electric scooter.

There are those who place a handlebar to hold children or some other type of adapter. But far from helping, taking a child on an electric scooter is putting them at risk.

Is hoverboard UK Their Two-Seater Electric Scooters?

The answer is a resounding no. There is no electric scooter for two; All electric scooters available on the market are designed to be used by one person only; hence they are called Personal Mobility Vehicles.

How to Accompany a Child on An Electric Scooter

If your child is over 8 years old and has an electric scooter, the first thing you should be clear about is that he cannot exceed the speed limit of 6 kilometers per hour, that is, it is classified as a toy.

A child under 8 years old does not have enough balance and coordination to control a Kids Scooter for Sale; For this reason, the regulations prohibit children under that age from driving them.

Given that the risk of falling when riding an electric scooter is high, the child must be equipped with the appropriate protection: helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. In addition, it is advisable to wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt or shirt.

Pay attention to the footwear, the most recommended are sports shoes with well-adjusted laces or closure.

Check that all the components of the scooter and segway sale, each bolt, and each nut are well adjusted and tight.

If you are going to accompany him on your electric scooter, you must go at least a meter and a half apart; Thus, in the event of a fall, you avoid that the little one also falls to the ground due to the proximity.

To enjoy your toy with a minimum of risk, it is important that you take it to parks and places away from the usual traffic of the city. And do not let him ride his scooter on the sidewalks because he has little stability and can run over a pedestrian.

Both for him and for you it should be clear that his scooter is to enjoy and not as a means of transport.

If he is learning to drive the scooter, it is preferable that you walk alongside him and circulate at low speed; In this way, you will be able to help him gain confidence and take the balance that will lead him to have security on the small vehicle.

And keep in mind that an electric scooter for adults should not be used by a child.


The purpose of vehicle traffic regulations is to prevent accidents. What many do not know is that the different provisions on the number of seats, speed limits, and everything related to road safety are the product of accident investigation.

Every time an accident occurs, a thorough investigation is carried out to determine its causes, regardless of whether there have been injuries or not.

Depending on the results, the road safety regulations are reviewed and the necessary modifications are made to improve the prevention and protection of people.

As a user of an Electric scooter UK, it is very important that you know the obligations that you must respect in terms of safety; for the good of you and everyone. So that the use of personal mobility vehicles becomes something functional and fun.

Did you already know these rules on the prohibition of carrying passengers on your electric scooter? Tell us! We would love to read you.

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