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Choosing the right cheap tyres in Sydney for your car (Tips!)

We can’t stress enough on this, right? Tyres can impact your driving experience so much that it is vital to have the best set of tyres for your car. However, keeping the budget in mind, it is also important to find the right cheap tyres in Sydney for your car, or else you end up risking the safety of the person who will be driving the car.

When it comes to tyres, it is safe to assume that you should always go to a shop that you can trust. And then another important thing that follows a trustworthy shop is – to know very well what to look for while choosing tyres. You want to ensure that you are getting advice from a reliable source.

This article will enlighten you on several unavoidable tips, that are sure to help you in getting the best tyres for your car. These tyres are not heavy on your pocket as well.

Tips to pick the best cheap tyres in Sydney:

  1. Tyre Size

It goes without saying that the tyre size is the first detail that you’ll be learning for your car. The new tyres should be compatible with the same tyre size, load rating, and speed training as the OEM tyres or the tyres recommended by the manufacturer.

  1. Tyre Specs

Your life becomes simple if you get OEM manufactured tyres. Just follow the specs of the manufacturer while choosing your replacement tyres. If they are replacement tyres themselves, then check the information with the manufacturer’s specs. You can find the specs on the tyre sidewall, the tyre placard on the driver’s door, below the bonnet, under the fuel cap or glove box.

The tyre dimensions are available in the owner’s manual to cross-check if the dimensions of the tyres contradict the tyre placard.

  1. Tyres compatibility with the vehicle

Choosing a set of cheap tyres  Sydney for your vehicle depends heavily on the type of vehicle you own. Is it an SUV, minivan, commercial van, mini car, or a sedan? Let’s say you drive an SUV, then the SUV tyres for your vehicle seems an ideal choice. Similarly, for a sports car, a mud-terrain type tyre will not work as it is aggressive.

  1. OEM tyre or a new brand – make your choice

When you had bought the car, it came with the OEM tyres. These tyres are selected and designed particularly for your car. If you are happy with their performance, you can buy a fresh set of OEM tyres.

But you might want to look at the other brands since your OEM tyres can be out of production or are not optimum performance.

  1. Your driving style

All of you will agree here. Your driving style and requirements impact a lot on choosing the best tyres for your vehicle. The tyre size and the type get influenced by the following factors:

– The roads that you drive regularly – city, highway, urban, rural, etc. The kind of road impacts the tyres selection from off-road tyres to all-terrain tyres.

– The environment in which you drive – all-season, mostly winter, or summer.

– Which car do you drive and who is going to drive – the car is being used for the family or business, a commercial van or a truck.

  1. New, cheap and value tyres

If you looking for an economic option, you can buy cheap tyres in Sydney from us. We have tyres that have longer life spans. If you are willing to go for new tyres, don’t worry! Our new tyres start from as low as $55*. They are strong and durable. While we also have tyres that provide value to your car and also fit in your budget. They are affordable and get the job done for your car.

Let’s get this straight. Deciding to buy cheap tyres does not mean you will compromise on quality. These tyres are affordable and they are checked for quality, performance, and durability. Hence, we always recommend buying cheap and used tyres from a reliable source.


Please do not mix different types of tyres sizes and brands to guarantee safe driving and efficient performance.

  1. Fitting of tyres

If you fit two new tyres on the front of your car often, then you might want to switch to installing two tyres to the rear. Install these tyres from a reputed seller. The pressure, greased surface bolts, clean wheels and hand tight wheels are important to check in your list.

Cheap Tyres and Wheels has an impressive collection of tyres in different ranges and sizes. We provide affordable and high-quality cheap tyres in Sydney that matches your car model and your driving requirements. We only aim to help our customers to have a safe and efficient driving experience.

There you have it!

These tips might look basic at the first glance. However, these are unavoidable. Ignore them and you might end up wasting your money on tyres that do not make your car happy.

With Cheap Tyres and Wheels, you are in for a treat. You get used tyres from as low as $30* each fitted and balanced and new tyres from $55*. The cost obviously will vary depending on the size and brand of tyres you choose. You get to pick from over 20,000 used tyres and over 5000 new tyres.

Whether you pick a new or used set, Cheap Tyres & Wheels guarantee the quality of tyres will be premium. The tyres are from big players in the market, such as – Michelin, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, Continental, Radial & Kumho. Tyres from these brands are sure to give you maximum performance and quality. And the good news is, whichever tyre set you choose, you get free installation of the tyres from us.

Our team is expert in offering professional assistance for any type of tyres along with attractive discounts.

We are committed to providing the best quality cheap tyres. Get a Quick Quote NOW!

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