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What is a Car Air Compressor? – Benefits and Reviews


A car air compressor is a machine that is used to refill air inside the tyres of different automobiles like cars, SUVs, bikes, trucks, tractors, etc.

An air compressor is a great device for in-house tyre maintenance and saves you from the hassle of driving to the gas station and waiting in queues to get your tyres refilled.

The tyres of an automobile are essentially the only part of that vehicle that remains in constant touch with the ground while driving.

Also, considering the condition of the roads in most Indian cities, it becomes all the more important to take special care of your vehicle’s tyres.

This is when an in-house car air compressor comes into the picture.

This blog discusses the various uses and benefits of a car air compressor along with a review of the best brand for car air compressors in India.

Why Do You Need a Car Air Compressor?

Underinflated tyres promote uneven tyre wear, reducing the tyre’s overall service life.

Also, if the tyre is totally deflated (what we call a flat tyre) it can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Hence, these are the two major reasons why you should always have a portable tyre inflator in your car’s boot.

  • Regular In-House Car Maintenance

With a portable tyre inflator in your car’s boot, you can keep a regular check on the tyre pressure of your car.

All you have to do is just pick the tyre inflator up and connect it with each of the tyres one by one.

The in-built gauge of the tyre inflator displays the pressure reading of the tyre on the screen when you connect the tyre inflator with it. So, if the pressure is less than the recommended level, you can just turn the tyre inflator on and the tyre will be refilled.

  • Emergency Flat Tyre Situations

There can be times when you are driving your car on a highway and one of your tyres runs flat.

In such a situation, you either have to wait for a mechanic, walk to the repair shop, or you’ll have to leave your precious car on that deserted highway and look for any other way to reach your destination.

However, with a portable air compressor in your car boot, all you have to do is quickly connect the machine with the deflated tyre, restore the tyre pressure, and get back going on the road.

Types of Car Air Compressors in the Market–

There are majorly two types of car air compressors in the market.

  • Electrical Tyre Inflators

An electrical tyre inflator is connected with the cigarette lighter socket of your car and it uses electrical energy to produce compressed air and refill deflated tyres.

  • Cordless Car Foot Pumps

A foot pump for cars comes with an assembly of barrels and pistons. When the machine is pumped with your foot, it pushes air inside the tyre through a hose.

The Best Brand for Car Air Compressors in India.

While there is a great number of automobile brands in India, not all of them offer ‘value for money products.

However, the Indian market does offer a bunch of reliable brands that produce good quality products at prices rightly fitting the Indian budget bracket.

One of such brands is Michelin

Although Michelin has always been popular for its supreme quality tyres, the world-renowned brand also offers an excellent and practical range of foot pumps and tyre inflators for automobiles.

Car Air Compressor Products by Michelin.

Here is the range of portable car air compressors offered by Michelin in India:

  • Michelin cordless rechargeable car tyre inflator (INR 11,995)
  • Michelin high power rapid tyre inflator (INR 6,495)
  • Michelin digital micro tyre inflator, only for top-up (INR 3,695)
  • Michelin high power tyre inflator with detachable digital tyre pressure gauge (INR 5,795)
  • Michelin analogue single barrel foot pump (INR 2,195)
  • Michelin digital single barrel foot pump (INR 2,895)
  • Michelin analogue double barrel foot pump (INR 2,995)
  • Michelin digital double barrel foot pump (INR 3,495)


So, here was everything about car air compressors.

Indeed, a mini car air compressor is a must-have accessory for all car owners if they wish to maintain their tyres and prolong the tyres’ overall service life.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Have a wonderful day ahead!

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